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4A scenic spot delisted and degraded

2019/10/17 10:26:26
According to the national standard of classification and evaluation of quality grades of tourist attractions, the current grade of tourist attractions is divided into five grades, the highest grade is 5A. For the scenic spot, if it can be shortlisted as a high-level hotel, just like the well-known star hotel standard, it is just like getting a gold signboard. The evaluation index of quality grade involves resource protection, tourist facilities, environmental sanitation, toilet revolution, safety management, explanation service and other aspects. The level is also the reflection of the quality standard and comprehensive strength of the scenic spot. Of course, the above aspects are also important in the review and inspection of class a scenic spots.
With the rapid development of tourism, the number of scenic spots is also increasing rapidly. However, in the process of standardized management of tourist attractions, there are also some problems. The number of A-level scenic spots has been growing, while the reconstruction, construction and maintenance are becoming more and more important. Many scenic spots think that they can have a good rest once and for all after entering the ranks. In fact, this is not the case.
In fact, the treatment of 21 4A scenic spots in Shandong Province is not a pretence or a temporary move, but a normalized management method, which is also the meaning of standardized dynamic management of scenic spots. Just like the management of star rated hotels, it is up to the standard and down to the standard if not. From the management level, in the past few years, the star rating of scenic spots has been more focused on encouraging the development of the industry. After the integration of culture and tourism, this strict standard of being able to go up and down, regular open inspection and irregular secret visit will become a normal supervision mechanism.
For the scenic spot, in the long run, the scenic spot should always tighten the "standard string" and "quality string", and constantly improve the management level and quality standard of the scenic spot, so as to better attract and serve tourists and realize its own high-quality development.

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